Hello DAOstack

Hello, world. My name is Bo Henderson.

Some background: I got an undergrad degree from Indiana University in Chemistry and then got a Computer Science MS at the same school. I was very fortunate to take a survey course focused on data protection where we read white papers & journal articles to learn more about Tor and Bitcoin and, most importantly, I met my lovely wife Shivani in that class.

I fell down the crypto rabbit hole right after graduating in May ‘17 when I had some time to dedicate to reading & researching more deeply. I ended up walking away from a nice stable job to play with cryptocurrency full-time. I came out of college with lots of nice theoretical background but didn’t feel like I actually knew how to build anything. So, to self-teach, I spent several months building a Blackjack tip jar WordPress plugin and, in the process, learned the bare bone basics of how to build client-side with React & SVG, how to build server side with Node.js and PHP, how to deploy with Docker, and how to write solidity & deploy smart contracts. Halfway through, I got obsessed with cryptokitties and spent a little over a month trying to build an autobirther.

I embarked on a crypto-nomad adventure w Shivani soon after getting married on June 21, 2018. We started out in India & had an awesome time at EthIndia (our first hackathon) learning how to build stuff using Dharma’s lending protocol. We headed to EthBerlin after that & were thrilled to meet the DAOstack team & build on this platform there.

Leading up to EthBerlin, I researched various DAO platforms with the goal of merging a DAO with Dharma’s lending platform and decided that DAOstack was the platofrm most likely to play well with others. Shivani & I decided to build on top of it at the EthBerlin hackathon and built a scheme that would allow a DAO to take out loans using Dharma. I had some great conversations with the DAOstack team at EthBerlin, saw some really incredible presentations at the How to DAO event funded by Genesis Alpha, and participated in my first pollinator’s conference call on Sept 18th.

Through these experiences, I’ve gained an understanding of the DAOstack technical architecture and the DAOstack community’s philosophy & goals; I will use my Genesis Alpha reputation to support proposals that are in line with what’s best for Alchemy’s technical health and to help build upon the shared vision we pollinators have for DAOs.

Short term, my goal is to be a bounty hunter drawing on hackathon connections & DAOs to bring in enough funding for this skill-building adventure to continue.

Long term, I’m just trying to live a useful life. Sometimes I type ls in my terminal & wonder who happened to be in just the right place at the right time to write this beautifully simple little program that I & millions of others rely on millions of times a day.

I think Ethereum in general and DAOstack in particular is a good place to be at this point in time.

We have the opportunity now to write some code for DAOstack that might go on to power decentralized companies, hospitals, governments, etc. DAOstack schemes are so reusable that writing a good one could go on to have a critical impact on many different projects for many years to come. This excites me & I’m grateful to be in a position to make meaningful contributions.